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Welcome to the web site of the Traffic Signal Systems Committee (TSSC), a technical standing committee AHB25 (previously A3A18) of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies. TSSC is concerned with provision of the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on surface streets through the use of traffic management systems.

The Traffic Signal Systems Committee membership is listed on the Membership page. Anyone interested in Traffic Signal Systems is welcome to become a Friend of the Committee. You can sign up on the Membership page under Contact Information/ Join Committee Friends.

Committee communication takes place primarily through our E-mail list (Listserv). Please sign up to join the list if you haven't yet done so. Members and Friends who have already signed up and do not receive e-mail from the list, please notify the Webmaster.

The scope of the Committee's activities include:
  • system design, implementation, operations, and maintenance;
  • development of traffic operations centers;
  • development of traffic management strategies;
  • integration and operational evaluation of surface street systems with freeway, traveler information, and transit systems; and
  • incorporation of surface street systems into Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

New Signal System Web Site (2015)

The signal system new web site is hosted at


Summer Meeting: Salt Lake City, Utah (2014)

July 20th - July 24: Joint meeting with the TRB Alternative Intersections and Interchanges Symposium: Hilton Salt Lake City Center

July 23: TSSC committee's Business meeting and Subcommittee meeting (starting 1:30 PM)

July 24: TSSC Workshop (Tentative Agenda)

July 25: Technical tour 1 - Wavetronix (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Tentative Agenda) Please RSVP (asharma@unl.edu) to reserve your seat by July 1.





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